Fantasy Sports Betting Guide for Unexperienced Bettors

Fantasy sports betting has grown from a fun pastime spent among friends and colleagues to a real betting market with great opportunities to make money. It is still a fun pastime and a great way to meet new people, but an added wager on the line can only make it a more exciting game to play.

Which Fantasy Sport?

There exist many fantasy sports to bet on. NFL is by far the most popular choice for fantasy bettors, however, there are sports that offer a much easier point of entry, especially if you are not familiar with the chosen sport as yet. F1 is a great contender for an easy-to-understand fantasy betting sport. Easy to follow races, easy to build teams and simple point scoring make F1 perhaps the best choice for anybody starting out in fantasy betting.

Make Your Team

Building your ideal team does differ between the different sports available in fantasy betting. For the sake of the first time starting, we will be focussing on Formula 1 as the ease is second to none. Take note that while team size and layout should stay consistent between different betting platforms, rules may differ between platforms. Know the rules well before choosing the right place to bet on your ideal fantasy sports team.

To start with, the teams will consist of five drivers and one manufacturer. To ensure that not just the best drivers available are chosen, you will have to abide by a budget in which drivers are designated values based on current and past performances. For an example, you will be presented with a budget of $100 million. With this budget, you need to purchase five drivers and one manufacturer. Let’s look at some current drivers cost to give you a good idea of the nature of price differences in drivers.

  • Lewis Hamilton – $33.5million
  • Max Verstappen – $24.8million
  • Kimi Raikkonen – $9.3million
  • Mick Schumacher – $5.8million

As you can see, the prices have a large range to consider. Now let’s look at a few manufacturers.

  • Mercedes – $37.1million
  • Red Bull – $26.7million
  • Alfa Romeo – $9.2million
  • Haas – $6.1million

The prices mentioned above are far from all available and are not consistent in any way but can serve to give you a good idea into what building a team would look like.


Different platforms and sportsbooks may choose to award points differently; however they do all generally follow the same initial system of points. Points are awarded for qualifying, sprint where applicable and the main race. Points are generally awarded for completion and position attributes. It is important to look into the point scoring of your platform of choice. Be sure to keep an eye open for:

  • Sub bank – Possible substitutions to be made on a weekly basis.
  • Turbo driver – A single driver who will receive double points throughout the season.
  • Mega driver – you can select two single event mega drivers per season, a mega driver will score 3 times the normal points.

Further than that, the scoring will be easy and fun.