Golf Betting Made Easy

Golf is often overlooked as one of the best sports for beginners and professionals alike to bet on. Single players, extremely long tours like the PGA Tour and fantastic consistency make golf all round a fantastic option for any prospective bettor.

Types Of Bets

When planning to bet on any sport, it is important to understand the bets you are planning to make. While a bet on a winner is always a crowd favourite, it may not always be the smartest bet for you to make. Below, we will go over some of the more common bets used when betting on golf.

  • To win – A classic and still one of the best. To win bets will have you place a wager on which participant you believe will win the tournament in question. To win bets are frequently used in live betting as well, be sure to understand the odds as they change in the live betting environment.
  • Head to head – Another fan favourite, head to head bets involve a wager placed on one of two players to finish better in the tournament or round. Head to head bets do not take the field into consideration, only the two players specified in the bet. This can be a great bet for beginners to make as it cuts down research considerably.
  • Versus the field – Versus the field bets are essentially placing a wager on one player to not win. This is more common on high level player who you think will be surpassed by the end of the tournament. While not an incredibly popular bet, it can be used to great effect.
  • Future bets – Similar to “to win” bets, only made well in advance. It may seem counterintuitive to make bets before a tournament has even starter. If your research is great, and you have a solid winner in mind, future bets can be a way to get better odds on your to win bets, provided they are placed at the right time.
  • Prop Bets – For virtually anything else, there will almost always be a prop bet. Prop bets can involve anything from timing to completely irrelevant off of the course wagers. Some require skill, some are sheer luck and some are placed as a joke. Prop bets should not conventionally be considered as a way to make stable winnings. They are still worth keeping an eye on as an interesting second bet.


The most important factor when it comes to research with is history. History will teach you a lot about player performance and consistency. Fortunately, at high level golf, players tend to be very consistent, providing fantastic information for all the bets you could want to make.

What To Bet On

There are a no shortage of golf series and tournaments available throughout the year. While some bettors may find great success in betting on several tournaments at a time, it is generally recommended for beginners to choose one tournament and stick to it. The PGA Tour is a great selection for any new or professional bettor.