Biggest Tennis Betting Events In The World

Tennis has grown into one of the most popular sport for avid bettors around the world. While it may not be as big as some other sports, it is a fantastic sport for bettors of any skill level due to the easy access to information and great consistency among the players. If you have not made a bet on tennis yet, there has never been a better time to start.

In the below, we will be looking into some of the best and biggest betting events available for tennis. These events may not be the biggest in general, but due to the availability and markets, these are the most popular tennis events to bet on.


Wimbledon is one of the oldest still running tennis events in tennis. With a heritage spanning since 1877, Wimbledon is without a doubt  the most prestigious of tennis events with an incredibly rich history. Starting between late June and early July and at only 14 days this is not an event to be missed by any avid bettor. This is all well, but what makes Wimbledon great for you as a bettor?

  • Information – being one of the biggest tennis events available, coverage and information is incredibly easy to come by. Every sports new channel will have coverage and betting news/tips will be easily available.
  • Markets – with the size of the event, comes fantastic markets, any bet that you could want to make on an outcome at Wimbledon will be available to you. Most good sportsbooks will have great odds on offer for this event as it is a great attraction for a sportsbook.

French Open

The French open also known as Roland-Garros is another tournament with a rich history. Perhaps not as prestigious as Wimbledon, but still a massive event with a huge following. Interestingly, the French open differs itself from the other Grand Slam events by only playing matches on a clay court. This surface change can effect different players in different ways and is worth noting to ensure good research on your bets. For betting, the French open shares similar characteristics to Wimbledon in the form of the abundance of information available to bettors and a vast variety of markets with great odds.

ATP Finals

Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open are all fantastic events forming part of the greater Grand Slam, but what if you already bet on the Grand Slam tournaments are looking for something else to bet on. This list would be boring if it was just the Grand Slam Events listed one after another. Queue the ATP Finals. The ATP Finals do not have the sheer size and fame of the Grand Slam events, but are not far off.

Often referred to in passing as the “fifth Grand Slam” the ATP finals is a tournament that any avid bettor should be keeping a close eye on. Having all the perks of betting on a grand slam event and retaining fantastic odds, this is certainly a tournament any bettor should know about.