Aristocrat’s White Tiger Casino Slot Explained

The White Tiger Aristocrat slot is based on the tiger theme, although it does include a number of other symbols. These include the high playing card symbols, which are fairly standard, and will give you the base level of winning combinations. For bigger winnings, players should aim at landing the other picture icons, which come in various shapes and forms. These will create the biggest winning combinations, and are certainly what every player is after.

Full details about all of these winning combinations and on which symbols pay out the most will be available at the online casino where you play the White Tiger Aristocrat slot. Typically all you need to do is refer to the paytable that comes along with game, and these details will be readily available to you throughout your playing session.

The main focus of the White tiger Aristocrat slot is based around players attempting to land the crown symbol. It might first seem like this is just a standard wild. The differences in this slot is that if you are able to use this symbol to form certain winning combinations with other icons, then the winnings will start increasing quite dramatically.

Flexibility of White Tiger Slot

Like Microgaming at, Aristocrat is one of the most well known slot developers in the industry, and White Tiger Aristocrat Slot does live up to the high quality expectations that most players will have. The slot does allow players to have a fair amount of flexibility, and players can adjust a number of settings before each spin. The most important of these is deciding how many paylines you would like to be active for the next spin. The other major decision is to decide on the value of the coins. This will of course be impacted on by the betting strategy you are using.

White Tiger Aristocrat Slot Crown Symbol

The crown symbol begins by expanding to cover the whole White Tiger Aristocrat slot reel. What happens after that is quite interesting. Once it has expanded, the symbols will change into a range of new symbols. These symbols will be compiled of win multipliers, amongst some other important icons. The jackpot crown is one of the other options that might pop up. The jackpot crown will in turn begin to produce some quite interesting results for online slot players.

What happens when the jackpot crown symbol lands, it will rotate on its own to reveal either a instant bonus, or otherwise one of the three jackpot prizes. The instant bonus can range in size, but it can get as high as rewarding the player with thousands of coins. The three other main jackpot prizes also vary in size, but whichever one you do happen to win, it will certainly be worth it when you see your winnings increasing very nicely. If these features all sound a little bit confusing, players of the White Tiger Aristocrat slot will soon discover that it is actually quite simple. The game does everything for you, and you just need to make decisions when they are presented to you, or when it is time for the next spin.