Top 5 Tips For Advanced Roulette Players

By design, roulette is intended as game of pure chance, and so, technically, no system or strategy should therefore make any meaningful difference. Here are some tips and methods, though, that could potentially lead to greater success.

  1. Avoid The Recommended Systems

Though many of the recommended systems for winning roulette can potentially provide wins for the casual player, in the long run, they are no more likely to win than betting randomly while wearing a blind fold. This is due to the majority of these systems relying on what is known as the “gambler’s fallacy”.

These systems include:

  • The Martingale system (& Reverse Martingale)
  • The D’Alembert system
  • The Labouchère system

There are many more such systems offered on the internet, in books, etc. However, the large majority are unfortunately either unproven, intentionally misleading, or fall prey to the same logical fallacy as those listed above.

  1. Set Strict Loss Limits

Setting strict loss limits may, or may not, help you win more in the long run, but what it will most certainly do is help you avoid devastating loss, and lessen the factor of house edge. Discipline and healthy gambling habits are a core necessity for all professional gamblers, who know themselves well enough to know when to quit.

  1. Avoid Strategy Based On The Betting Table

The betting table layout is simply a spread-out version of the roulette wheel. There are many betting strategies that can and will pay out more, if you win. However, the actual outcome of any spin is only ever caused by the physical interaction between the ball and the wheel, and there is no reliable indicator or strategy based solely on the table itself in regard to how you should place your bets.

  1. Study The Wheel And Where The Ball Bounces and Lands

Over time it been proven that, due to small imperfections and wear and tear on the wheel, the outcome of a spin can potentially be predicted with a reasonable level of accuracy. Among a number of such methods, one of the most famous is called “Visual Ballistics”.

Utilising this method requires a lot of time and patience, but there is the potential chance that by studying the roulette wheel, it’s revolutions, and where the ball bounces and lands each time, you can gain an insight as to which numbers are more likely to win. Creating a “diamond chart” will also help you map out the most predictable areas of the wheel.

Keep in mind though, such methods, while not illegal, are understandably frowned on by casinos, and they have various methods in place to interrupt the process and render it useless.

  1. Play Against Real Roulette Wheels

With the above in mind, software-based games, like slots machines and real money bingo, rely on a certain inbuilt mechanism called a random number generator (RNG) to generate random outcomes. So, in effect, this means that the digital representation of the roulette wheel in software games is literally as perfect and random as it can possibly be, and therefore studying its action for predictability is pointless.