Monopoly Multiplier Online Slot Basics for You

The online casino software developer IGT is renown for making slot games based on popular franchises from around the world. One franchise that has featured more than once among IGT’s many games Is the Monopoly board game, which is one of the most popular board games in the world. While IGT has made Monopoly themed slot games that have been extremely complex, they have also brought out much simpler, traditional games. One such example is Monopoly Multiplier, a small, simple slot that has gameplay heavily based on early slot machines.

Monopoly Multiplier features only 3 reels and 27 paylines in every Slots Casino Sites, and is about as simple as it gets when it comes to online slots. Set against a city, Monopoly Multiplier has all the imagery from the original board game, but still maintains simplicity throughout. The game can be found for free at different casino websites or can be played for real money using Credit Card etc.

Playing Monopoly Multiplier

For fans of classic, traditional slot machines, Monopoly Multiplier will be a pleasure to play. The layout, settings, and controls are incredibly simple, and the main focus of the game is on the base gameplay. There are various symbols in the game, each with their own individual value, and all are based on imagery from the board game. Players can expect little green houses, cars, chests, and more.

Playing the game itself could not be simpler. There is a stake setting to the left hand side, below the reels, where players are able to choose the amount that they would like to wager. The next two options are the spin and autoplay, which allows the player to spin the reels. Next is the paytable option, where players can check the rules of the game, the values of the symbols, as well as the possible combinations that can be landed. There is a wild in Monopoly Multiplier, and when landed, acts as a substitute for all other symbols In the game.

Monopoly Multiplier Bonus Content

Monopoly Multiplier only contains one bonus feature, as the focus on the base game is the most important aspect of the game. The bonus is activated once the player lands a winning combination, which means this bonus can be activated quite often. The bonus feature is also activated automatically, and the player will not need to wait for special symbols to land. As such, there are no scatters in the game.

Once the bonus feature in Monopoly Multiplier has been activated by a winning combination, the player is shown all the playing pieces that are found in Monopoly. The player can then choose one of the pieces, and a multiplier associated with that piece is added to the total winnings for that round. This means players can expect guaranteed winnings for every successful round that they land.

Monopoly Multiplier Verdict

Although Monopoly Multiplier is about as simple as an online slot can be, many players will enjoy the easy to learn nature of the game. Especially those who wish to take a break from larger, more complex slots that are available.