Having a Look at Video Poker’s History

Any player in New Zealand who has ever visited a casino, whether it be online or a brick and mortar establishment, will know about the vast popularity of video poker. Similar to Pokies, video poker has enjoyed significant attention since the rise of online casinos, but most players probably don’t know just how these machines got started.

Continue reading for a brief history of video poker, and a few tips and tricks for players in New Zealand on getting a piece of the action!

The 1970s: The Start of it All

During the 1970s, the development of the first widely accessible personal computers was at its peak, and began when engineers were able to successfully pair a Central Processing Unit (CPU) with a monitor. This very same technology gave rise to the first video poker machines which were produced by Dale Electronics. Las Vegas casino owners predicted that these machines would be a massive hit and Poker-Matic machines were installed in a majority of the Las Vegas strip casinos. However, they weren’t the hit that everyone was expecting, and the development of this technology slowed.

The 1980s: Heating Up with Video Poker

In 1979 Si Redd revolutionized the industry once more by forming a partnership with Fortune Coin to form Si Redd’s Coin Machines, or SIRCOMA for short. These new and improved patented video poker machines were installed in many casinos, and even though interest was slow to start, by 1981 video poker machines were expanding to become a big hit!

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, video poker machines became a staple in casinos and helped to increase the popularity of Pokies. Many players who were intimidated by the more complex casino table games for example roulette casino games, found video poker to be accessible and fun and these machines are still a prominent feature in casinos, both online and traditional, today.

Even Earlier Still

Well before the rise of personal computer technology, which allowed the first incarnations of video poker machines as we know them today, the first poker machines were in fact developed in the late 1800s. While they were not electronic but rather a manual device, in 1891 the Sittman and Pitt Company invented a rudimental video poker machine in Brooklyn, New York. This machine held 5 drums with 10 different playing cards on each and once a coin was inserted the drums would spin, eventually coming to a stop to reveal the final poker hand.

Then, in 1989, Charles Fey further developed this idea and created the Liberty Bell machine, which was a mash-up of video poker and the Pokie machines we know and love today.  This new-fangled poker machine would instantly pay out 20 coins for a Royal Flush, and because of this fact, Charles Fey has been dubbed the ‘father of slot machines’.

Getting Started with Video Poker in NZ

If this short history of video poker has piqued your interest in getting started, then we have some good news for you. Far from traditional casinos, video poker is now available online in an array of varieties at all of the top-ranked online casinos. If you aren’t sure which online casino to use, take a look at reviews to help inform your decision, and then create an account in a few quick and easy steps.

Once you have created your account and made your first deposit you will receive a juicy sign up bonus which will essentially increase your bankroll! This cash-boost can really kick start your video poker play and you’ll be thrilled to keep coming back for more.