A Detailed Look at Sic Bo Online for Casino Players

Sic Bo Online for Casino Players

Originating from ancient Chinese culture, Sic Bo, also known as hi lo is a type of board game traditionally played with three dice. The game finds its fundamentals in that of a set of unequal chances, based on the outcome of the dice.

Canadians in quest of Sic Bo will be delighted to know that the game is somewhat similar in style to Craps. Played with three dice, you have the opportunity to wager on various points of the table.

Once all wagers have been accounted for the dealer shakes a container or chest containing the dice and depending on the numbers which form, wins will be matched according to the numbers bet on the board.

Betting in Sic Bo

Getting started with Sic Bo is easy and straightforward. Simply select your wager amount as you would in any other game. Bet on an outcome within the bounds of the table and wait for the dice to fall where they may.

Canadian players should be aware that Sic Bo allows for winning combinations with one, two and three dice respectively. This means that there are multiplicities of wagering options in the game, which are broken down as follows.

Small and Big Number Bets

Small numbers four to ten will yield even returns but any triple numbers loose here.

Big numbers eleven to seventeen will yield even returns and a loss on triples.

Totals Betting

Specific totals bets of between four and seventeen will yield a return between 6/1 and a whopping 60/1 depending on the specific games pay table.

Specific Matching Doubles or Triples

Any double one to a double six pays out at ten to one.

Players will be elated with the triples, any triple one to triple six returns at a rate of 180/1.

Any Triple Betting

Here players betting any triple one to triple six will see a payout rate of 30/1 should the dice fall favourably.

Playing Sic Bo Online

Doubling Up

In the double up; any specific two dice combinations, example one and four or three and five, will yield a return at a whopping rate of six to one.

Single Dice Betting

One correct prediction will return evens, two correct predictions return at a rate of two to one and predicting three correct dice will award players with returns at three to one payouts.

Count the Odds

Like AU gamblers researching and planning their strategies before playing online slots, Canadian players opting for Sic Bo should define a clear betting strategy. The betting strategy can only be implemented once you have a firm grasp of the rules and odds the game offers you. In any game, the odds are directly linked to the houses advantage. Better odds suggest a likely outcome where unfavourable odds are less likely to pay.

Canadians should consider the game holistically to account for the potential payout, the risk involved and the houses edge.

Practicing and playing through the first few hands will give you a better understanding of how the game operates within these factors. Canadians should be aware that each online Sic Bo game, depending on the providers gaming software, yields various odds and payout ratios. It is important that you assess the payout table before jumping into any game.

Define a strategy through practice play and resume in real play with a clear understanding of he game in order to play the game at the most favourable odds.